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Welcome to Samarth Nidaan - Let's the success begin.


The Vision of Samarth Nidaan is to coordinate both innovation and simplicity in the fields of Health, Education, Agriculture and Financial Inclusion, as well as provide appropriate and necessary solutions by its institutions through its platform. This platform is committed to this and assures you that from this platform we will continue to inform you about the task of delivering that solution to you and useful and reliable organizations working in these areas. It has been clear in the past years of experience that along with the problem there is definitely a solution, we just need to reach it and sometimes our own information proves very beneficial for us, this is our effort that Connect every institution that has benefited through such innovative and useful solutions in these areas with this platform and try to spread their subject to every person of the society. In addition, we call upon our customers to engage in Customer Literacy Awareness Program and also invite them for a respectable income on their part and they should be made aware of this contribution and their usefulness as such And the promotion of new products and facilities that will save them and at the same time benefit the interest of society and nation is our only objective.


The goal of Samarth Nidaan is to bring these objectives to the last point of the society and provide every person with complete knowledge of the parameters of awareness, literacy and quality characteristic and through this platform in such a Navodaya that any such facility, facility provider Or are executing themselves as producers, our platform is committed to connecting them with a number of aware customers through this platform and with this goal we have reached 100000 customers in the first phase to keep their point and A goal has been set to connect them with you, in which the support of all your friends is also desired.