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Samarth Nidaan

A Problem Solving Venture

Samarth Nidaan, is a problem solving platform of Samarth Enterprises (Samarth Enterprises was formed in September 2016 and is a beneficiary institution under the Prime Minister Mudra Yojana from Bank of Baroda!), Which is based on solutions to problems that are innovative Be useful and their usefulness should be linked to them and the interest of society as well as the nation, under which health, education and agriculture as well as financial inclusion And to motivate each person of the society to provide information and encouragement in the context of new and useful products and facilities in the range of products and facilities from different areas working in the context of customer literacy and awareness programs. It has been formed in the context. There has been an effort to benefit the society through more solutions to the problems coming in these areas or coming up in the past years, and the range of such products and facilities in our Has been added to this platform.